Saturday, 5 January 2013

Club Penguin Prehistoric Sneak Peek

Club Penguin Prehistoric Sneak Peek

For all you party lovers I'm going to show you some things that are going to happen in January .The biggest event is a new party called The Prehistoric Party so I'm going to show you all the rooms and what you can do at the the party .

So to start off with spike hike posted some pictures of some of the rooms on twitter so I put the pictures on my website to show all you viewers.

So here is the dock at the party, and 
I think this looks amazing, but I don't know about you though, but I'm sure you will like it .

Now this is the beach which looks like caves and a volcano there. Which looks sweet ! know your probably are wondering how I know this, well if you are I got them from Trainman1405.

As well as that, this is the iceberg at the party, which, you have to agree its so cool !!

Now from these pictures you can see that the club penguin team have been working extremely hard to make  this party the best of all time.

This party will be on at January 17th to January 27th, I hope you are getting excited about the party as well as I am . Oh and I nearly forgot, Gary the Gadget Guy is coming to this party! So as always, I will give you times to meet him.

And here is a commercial about the party for you.

From me waddle on .

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